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Derek Powazek - Thoughts on Designing for iPad

‘Tabs’ Icon Set

scroll to the bottom to find the free download. I haven’t tried out the icons, but I find it interesting that the landing page is organized like a store that places the loss-leader in the back corner. You have to walk past all of the enticing full-priced merchandise to get to the free.


A nice collection of icons optimized for iPhone and iPad toolbars.

/via Typegirl

May 4

If I were Anna Wintour, I would be screaming at these companies to fix these sites. They reflect poorly on an industry that’s all about effortless style, appearance, confidence, and never, ever having a hair out of place (unless that’s the look you’re going for). This, this is like they’ve got no pants on — and not in a good way.

- Luxury brands’ sites don’t work on the iPad

Thoughts on Flash

Apr 5

In any case, Apple’s choice of who to give loaner iPads seems not to be influenced by what we’ve written in the past. It’s a pitch, to audiences it hasn’t yet won. It loaned early units to newspapers and mags not to entice their publishers into the App Store fold—they need no further convincing at this point—but because it wants their unconvinced audiences to buy iPad. A similar plan holds true here: vast and diverse as it is, the readership here includes an awful lot of tech-savvy culture hounds who don’t follow the gadget scene too closely and are suspicious of Apple’s policies, but who remain susceptible to the lure of new technology.

- You may not be interested in iPad, but iPad is interested in you. - Boing Boing