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The story of Automoblox

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For Scholars, Web Changes Sacred Rite of Peer Review - NYTimes.com

Jan 2

Zombie 'Pataphysics: 43 Dodgy Statements on Computer Art

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Auger Loizeau: Happylife

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Dec 3

Ideas from the Office of Frank Chimero

Ideas is a collection of significant concepts. It’s how they make decisions at their office. It’s a working methodology for a creative practice.

WRITERS ON WRITING - Easy on the Adverbs, Exclamation Points and Especially Hooptedoodle

New York Times asks Elmore Leonard to share his top ten rules for writing. He uses them to disappear, so that it is his characters who speak, and not Leonard hismeslf.

Janet Fitch's 10 rules for writers

LA Times gets noted writer and educator Janet Fitch to share 10 writing tips for fiction writers.

That is the young writer’s dilemma as I see it. Not just his, but all our problems is to save mankind from being de-souled as the stallion or boar or bull is gelded, to save the individual from anonymity before it is too late, and humanity has vanished from the animal called man. And who better to save man’s humanity than the writer, the poet, the artist, since who should fear the loss of it more, since the humanity of man is the artist’s life’s blood?

- Faulkner at Virginia: Transcription of speech from audio recording wfaudio23_1

The misinterpretation of inspiration is bred into our culture. In school we are taught by the examples of others, given information to digest and remember, instead of being handed problems to analyze and interpret on our own. As children we are taught to fear failure and to learn from the mistakes of others instead of experiencing them first hand. Many times curriculums centered around creativity and exploration are pushed out of the way to make room for ones rooted in practical application and applied theory. An example of this logic is painfully evident in design schools that focus more time on learning design applications than nurturing creative exploration and development.

- Consumption: How Inspiration Killed, Then Ate, Creativity | Viget Inspire

The Creativity Crisis - Newsweek

Newsweek article that points to a recent study that claims that creativity within the US population has been in sharp decline since 1990. This is presented as alarming because: “A recent IBM poll of 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the No. 1 ‘leadership competency’ of the future.”

Forget Brainstorming - Newsweek

Newsweek article that re-refutes collective brainstorming strategies and methods and that offers alternative strategies for individual creativity.

Jon Jones, smArtist » How NOT to hire an artist

a critical response to “How to hire an artist”…

How to hire an artist | Kaitol

a post that has drawn a significant amount of criticism…

Journey to the Interface

Service design is an emerging practice within the field of design. This link takes us to an example of contemporary service design.

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Nov 3

The Ideas of Frank Chimero – Lone Gunman